Springs to put police officer in every elementary school

By early March, every elementary school in Coral Springs will have a police officer.

The City Commission on Wednesday approved spending $150,000 to pay for six additional police officers at its public schools. The money comes from drug forfeiture funds and seized money that was used in the commission of crimes.

The city has funded 13 officers at public schools: six at 12 of its elementary schools, and one officer at each of the four middle schools and three high schools.

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Mayor Walter “Skip” Campbell had pushed for increased school security during his recent election campaign. “It will make our community safer,” he said.

From 2002 to 2007, the city had an officer at every elementary school. That was scaled back during the Great Recession because of the cost of equipment, cars and benefits.

The city’s $150,000 will pay for the new police officers to patrol the schools for the rest of the school year and for two months in next school year. That’s when funding from the School Board is anticipated to start so the police positions can become permanent.

“At the end of the day we hope they never have to be used for anything big, but every day they’ll be there,” said Vice Mayor Larry Vignola.

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