Springs to ban sale of dogs, cats sourced from mills

It has taken the Coral Springs city commissioners a while to make up their minds, but they are now ready to join the many cities in the region that have passed laws banning the sale of pets sourced from puppy mills.

During last week’s City Commission meeting, fellow city officials agreed with Commissioner Joy Carter that it is time for the city to enact a law that would prohibit the sale of dogs and cats from large-scale, commercial breeding facilities, commonly known as puppy mills and kitten mills. The City Commission will discuss the issue further at a future workshop.

The only pet store in the city sells only rescued pets and is in favor of such a law, said Carter.

“All of the surrounding cities here have a ban; I feel that leaves us as an open target,” she said. “Protecting our residents is paramount to all of us. This is a consumer fraud issue.”

The commissioners had contemplated acting against puppy mills a year ago but then decided to wait for the court to rule on the issue. Meanwhile, neighboring cities such as Parkland, Sunrise, Tamarac and Coconut Creek moved ahead and enacted laws.

The district court in Rhode Island recently upheld an ordinance, passed by the city of East Providence, that prevents pet stores from selling puppies produced in puppy mills.

“There is a case going on in the southern district with the city of Sunrise that has not been ruled on yet,” Carter said. “The ruling from Rhode Island probably will bolster the argument down here.”

The City Commission is likely to consider the proposed ordinance at its second meeting in June.

“The decision in Sunrise will be in July,” said City Attorney John Hearn. “So the timing would be such that people would be on notice of the zoning in progress, and we would still get the benefit of the ruling, hopefully before we pass it.”

In other news: Fire Department Rating

The Coral Springs Fire Department has received an ISO class 2 rating for its fire protection services, Fire Chief Frank Babinec told city officials during the last City Commission meeting.

The department earlier had a class 3 rating. The improved rating is expected to have an impact on insurance rates, with industrial and commercial establishments being the major beneficiaries.

The city narrowly missed a class 1 rating, Babinec said. “We were about 4 points from a class 1 department. We will take a look at those areas and see where we can improve. We will try to better our class in the next evaluation.”

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